Team Hardway

Capt. Todd Korker


Captain Todd Korker

I want to explore the ocean on my boat & under the water. I have a strong respect for the sea. I have a passion for learning & teaching. As a professional fisherman I feel it is my responsibility to keep my boat & equipment in the best condition possible. I believe it’s our obligation to keep the ocean clean for our children. I want to bring everyone I know and meet closer to my world on the water. There’s nothing more enjoying for me than to see a child, a man or woman reel in there first fish. I am overwhelmed with joy knowing that I have hooked another person into loving to fish & respecting the sea. I am a family man, a business man, a sportsman & a best friend to the sea. I want to explore the ocean, seek out the big fish, and hook em’. I feel with my vast knowledge & business sense, through my television shows, diving shows, web site, and hands on experience, I WILL bring the average person closer to the real world of Salt Water Fishing.


2005-Present 33 hydraSport W/ Triple 225 Yamaha 4stroke
Owner & Captain
Team Hardway

• Finished 1st in the beau fort S.C. FLW Pro tour event
• Finished14th Overall in the FLW Pro tour
• Finished 4th in the New Smyrna, Fl. FLW series event
• Finished 1st in the Seagate slam Jupiter Fl
• Finished 16th in the Fort Pierce FLW Series event.
• Finished 17th in the Fort Pierce FLW Pro event
• Will fish the FLW Pro Nationals event in November.

2005-Present 34 Fountain W/ Triple 250 Mercury Verado
Co-Owner & Captain
Team Open Interest

• Used as a chase boat for fishing and diving shows
• Used as a pre-fishing boat for Tournaments
• Used as a Bahamas Jumper
• Put the boat on fish.
• Coordinate all tournament activities.

2002-2005 26 World Cat w/ Twin 225 Yamaha
Owner & Captain
Team USCablecasters

• Finished 8th in the Kiwanis Tournament WPB, Fl
• Finished 3rd in the Seagate slam Jupiter Fl
• Finished 13th Fort pierce SKA Division 10
• Finished 21st Fort Pierce SKA Nationals
• Won and placed in many other local Tournaments

1997-2002 27 cobia w / Twin 200 Yamaha
Owner & Captain

• Explored the Florida west coast both above and below the water
• Put the boat on fish and Coordinate all tournament activities


Accomplishments & History
I have spent my entire life fishing. My family says I was born to fish. I have fished all over the world. My goal since I was a boy was to buy a home in Jupiter so I could be closest to what I believe is Florida’s most productive waters. Now I own a home along with my beautiful wife & daughters where I have always dreamed I would live. Don’t tell me dreams can’t come true. Dreams are what you make them. If you work hard enough at anything you will succeed. I truly believe that.

I have been active in saltwater tournaments for 10 years. My team and I have won several tournaments over the past few years. I feel I am consistent & have a great team to back me up. I have been welcomed into the world of fishing with open arms. I have made many friends on other teams that I highly respect. For me there is no better place to be than on the water.